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Friday, July 19, 2013

eBay Shopping Tips is emerging as a huge shopping centre in India now a days. In the recent time my experience with eBay was quite satisfactory.
In the past I was looking for a charger for my laptop and visited the nearby shop to purchase it. It was priced Rs. 2,000 with one year manufacturer’s warrantee. Then I thought I should check it on ebay also. There it was available for Rs. 1,100 with one year seller’s warranty. The difference was quite huge so I ordered it from ebay and received the item in a few days. I checked my email before shopping and found a 7.5% discount coupon too.

Some Tips For Shopping on eBay.

Before shopping from ebay one should keep the following points in mind for fruitful results:-
1. In the search area type the short description of the desired product.
2. In the shorting by area select (Price: Lowest first) that is present in the right side of page.
3. Check the rating of the seller and read the comments placed by the past buyers.
4. Focus on how you can communicate with seller in case of problems.
5. Type of warrantee.
6. Delivery method.
After reading all these details then place your order.

Again I want to share my experience with ebay....As I mentioned  earlier that I purchased a Laptop adapter at a cheap price.
It was not working some days back. So I though it is all over and as I purchased it at a seller warranty with eBay. I thought the seller will not entertain the warranty, as everybody knows that only large company do so...But I called upon the contact number of seller at eBay. He responded very positively and arranged pick up of adapter and replaced it with a new one. I do not have to bear even the courier charges... Felt very good to receive such a service in India.

But one should always be very careful during the online shopping. There is no always 100% positive satisfaction guarantee. Still our local shopkeepers are very helpful in after sales and maintenance services in many ways.. They provide very useful information according to their experience. While shopping there you can talk to other purchases and get useful knowledge.
Everything has its own Pros and Cons.

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