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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Contacting Google Adsense Support in problems related to Wire Transfer

My this blog post focuses on how Indian AdSense publishers can contact Google AdSense Support Team in case of discrepancies in automatic payment process that are conducted through Wire transfer.

First read out why I needed to contact Adsense Support

I have seen a standard deduction of 4-25 USD in the each AdSense payment since this payment system was introduced in India.

The same has been witnessed by other Publishers from India as well. Check out following links of Adsense Help Forum to know the experience of  other publishers...

  1. Deduction of money while receiveing payment via. EFT
  2. I Recieved $16 Less Than Shown In Adsense Invoice

and there are many more that can be searched over there..

But in my last payment I observed a huge deduction of USD 118.77. The Bank involved in the transaction was Corporation Bank.

When I contacted my local Branch they were unable to give any answer regarding this issue and suggested me to contact the party who sent me the payment which in this case was Google AdSense.

In such cases contacting your local branch is useless because they are not capable of getting all the details needed, to solve this type of problem. The reason may be you provided swift code of another nearest bank branch in your adsense payment details. Read my other Blog post mentioning the way to contact the mentioned swift branch easily.

I wrote about this on Adsense Forum but there was no response by Google Adsense Support.

Then I searched how I can  directly contact Google AdSense Support for my problem. And found the way to contact them...I visited the following link

Wire transfer FAQs - AdSense Help 

There was following link to approach Adsense team in case of payment not received.

Contact AdSense Support.

After filling the form I got following mail from them;

Watch the following video to fully understand the process..

In reply to this mail I narrate my problem to them and sent the proof of money received (scanned  copy of my passbook)... 
After the several conversation over the mail, they provided the full detailed information of transaction along with swift details. 

In the meantime I visited the website of Corporation Bank.  On their Contact us page there was an e-mail address for Queries related to FOREX.

I forwarded all my conversation with Google Adsense Team to them along with my bank details.
My problem was acknowledged and the concerned department replied in a positive manner. Within a few days I got my payment back which was USD 108.77 .

This means a standard deduction of USD 10 along with bank charges and service tax which was bearable.... 

So the conclusion of all this is, follow the following steps to tackle such type of problem...

First step is to contact Adsense Team to get the proof of payment or a message stating there were no deductions at their part.

Next step is forward all the conversation with Adsense to your bank via a contact us e-mail address ....

Hope my this blog post will give some assistance to the people who are facing the same problem.

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