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Monday, May 23, 2016

What measure we adapted to improve our YouTube videos to get more views

My this post will certainly benefit the people who create screencast videos on CAD or any other software without audio narration or the people who are not able to adapting various professional approaches mentioned over internet due to lack of sufficient resources.
Many a time we were requested to create videos with audio assistance which is quite a genuine demand by our viewers. So some time back we created such videos as required by the viewers, an example of such video can be watched below…

The playlist of such videos

But because we create lengthy videos in bulk we found it practically not viable to create such videos any more… A lot of involvement was required to produce such videos and to do this work with just two people was not possible.
So we adapted a different approach in our videos to make them more user friendly. We stopped adding audio narration and started to point out over specific area in the software interface by pausing the mouse pointer over it so that viewer can read the tool tip which is generated by the software and view can guess what we are we trying to do and why. Addition to it we added some annotation like arrows and rectangular boxes, a little bit of video introduction, screen shot images etc.
And the most important quality of our videos was we kept an average work speed in our videos instead of the speedy videos that are generally found over YouTube.
Watch the example of such video at the following link…
Playlist of such video
In this way we improved our videos which was also appreciated by our viewers and we started getting more views….
The conclusion is try to improve your work in any way which is in your reach and do not think much about what you can not do…….always think about the difficulties the viewer face in understanding your videos.

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