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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Screencasting as well as learning is quite easy in Autodesk Inventor

As I have mentioned earlier in my FB post screencasting in Autodesk Inventor is easy for me when I compare it with other CAD softwares. I am giving the reasons why. 

While using the software, you will witness, it speaks out itself and tell how to use software in a very convenient manner, it gives hints of operating tools which are very easy to follow. See the images below….

The image demonstrates that symmetric constraint tool is active in 2D sketching and I am going to apply it on displayed sketches..... see how software speaks out and tell the way to operate the tool along side of the mouse pointer.



This facility is not available in SolidWorks, Creo or Siemens Nx. They only give hints on status bar which viewers not able to see many a times. One thing more the hints are very clear and easy to understand.

Watch videos at following playlist to understand in detail what I mean to say......


When software is speaking out itself, then I do not have to narrate much about what is being done and why?
The other benefit of this utility is if somebody is learning on its own these hints are very helpful in learning.

To activate the command prompts as displayed in our videos, apply the following settings in the application options of Autodesk Inventor Software.

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