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Friday, June 10, 2016

Indian Adsense Publishers Tips || Dealing with International Money Transfer Related Issues Easily

It feels very nice when you get payment for your work via Adsense and many of the medium level people who are involved in making money online with it, can tell you more about this feeling. They work very hard for it, where they face competition internationally and with big daddies of this field. But many a time some problems, like deductions by banks occur in Adsense Payment, this is an irritating situation but one should not panic about it. This type of  problem can be solved with some positive and different approach.
So I come straight on my blog post topic. As an Adsense Publishers to get payments you provide a certain details of your account to Adsense to get wire transfer (International Money Transfer). If you go through the details of it, you will see that you have to provide some information like details of your account, bank branch details like IFSC code and a swift code also.
This means your bank branch and the branch whose swift code is used will involve in the remittance of your money. If your bank branch has swift code then only it will handle the transaction.

Lots of Adsense Publishers in India live in small places and they fill the swift code of the nearest branch of their bank where they live and which have swift code facilities.  But when there is some issues regarding the remittance, their local bank branch usually says we cannot do anything because our system is not showing much details about your transaction. The details of your account shown to them is same as you can see in your online banking account.

So in this case you have to contact your bank branch, which actually handled the transaction. That is the branch whose Swift Code you mentioned in your Adsense Account.

But the next problem is how to reach out that specific swift code branch, that is far away from your location or sometimes the nearby city where you live. Physically visiting there or talking them over phone is an option. But these things are not easy and there are lots of problem in doing so, which everyone knows and I do not think it should be mentioned. The smart way is to contact them with an email. In email you can write down your issues and communicate them easily step by step. But usually specific branch email addresses are not provided openly by banks.
In this situation to communicate with them easily do following ways.

First Method
  Search online about your bank if they have a special cell who deals with Forex Transaction.

For an example see the Site of Corporation Bank  who provide a specific email for Forex Queries

Drop you mail to that Forex cell and they will forward you request to that specific branch with whom you want to communicate, it means it will play the role of a mediator. If there is no response at your first e-mail then send a reminder e-mail after 5-7 days. Your problem will solve...

Second Method

If you are not able to find such cell of your bank, or your Bank does not have such a cell, or such cell is not co-operating, then search Zonal offices of the bank and select proper Zone and drop them your email. 
For example search zonal offices of Corporation Bank and click the link... Chennai & Delhi Circle-Zonal Offices you will find a list as following.
Your Zone office will forward your request to that specific branch with whom you want to communicate.

I contacted many a time with these method with remote branches I wanted and got a solution to my problems.....
Hope it will help to the people who require such information.....

If anybody needs the swift details from the Google or want to contact them in problems Must read my blog discussing the same below....
Contacting Google Adsense Support in problems related to Wire Transfer

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