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Saturday, June 25, 2016

How to avail warranty for the products purchased online

Nowadays online shopping is quite popular. The reason behind this, is we get lot of deals, discount and offers in online shopping. And the most important thing is that we can get details and reviews of products quite easily.
To avail the warranty of the product purchased online, most of the time we have to visit the local service center of that product. But problem arises when the service center of the product is not present in the place where we live.
In this case one should search the contact details of the service center nearest to the city where we live. After that do the following things

  1. Communicate with nearest service center and tell them about your problem.
  2. When you find everything positive, mail your product to them with a letter describing the full detail of your problem with the product purchase.

Generally in such cases, the customer bears the cost of mailing the product to the service center and service center bears the cost of shipping the product back to the customer.

Recently I got the replacement of my two 'Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse' which was under warranty. I purchased the product online over eBay and the service center was not in my city. So to get the replacement, I followed the procedure as mentioned above. The total experience was more convenient than personally visiting the service center.

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