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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The cause behind the strange behavior of Digital Electronic Meters being installed in U.P. now a days

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Recently my energy meter was replaced by the electricity department (UPPCL). I found that the meter was showing a very high power consumption, in comparison to my old one. When I went into the detail, I found following facts about the meter…..
  1. The meter was showing increase of unit consumption even when the power supply was cut off. (There was a breakdown in power supply in my area and we were without power for more than two days, but still the meter showed the increase of units. It appeared that the meter was running at an average speed. )
  2. The ‘unit computation LED indicator’ blinked even after the main switch was turned off. 

These were quite a strange facts that I witnessed about the newly installed energy meter. My overall consumption increased by over 250 percent. When I talked to UPPCL official they said it is unbelievable. Nothing like this can happen.

The problem was strange and I was getting no solution to it. So I searched the internet and found that the people complaining about meter running very fast at Complaint Board site (National Consumer Complaint Forum). The other most searched topic I found over internet, was how to slow down digital electric meter. All of the articles related to this search term were filled with irritating advises.. And some of them describing the illegal way of slowing down the meter. But be sure I do not support any illegal activity.

Latter I found the reason behind the unusual behavior of the energy meter. In my home, ground earthing was merged with neutral at a point. So as soon as I disconnected ground earthing with the neutral, the energy meter started functioning normally.

Keep one thing in mind very clearly, there is no way of slowing down of the energy meter being installed nowadays. If somebody says so, he is trying to cheat you. If you find the meter running fast, there may be some technical fault, as I mentioned above.  To resolve this type problem, report your problem to power department, as soon as possible and try to solve the problem in their guidance.

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