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Monday, August 22, 2016

Taking Help From YouTube in Purchasing Products Online

Recently I was a looking for a product online, at the request of a family member.  So after analyzing all the shopping sites, when I reached at a conclusion, there was a minor problem. The family member, who requested for the product was not fully satisfied with my efforts, because the person has not actually seen the product in 3D environment. I mean to say when we visit a local dealer we watch the product physically and that is a different thing from just watching a picture of product from different angles. For an example see the screenshot of  eBay shopping site giving the different view of 'Samsung galaxy s7'

So to solve this thing  I searched the video related to that product over YouTube. 
You can find a lot of unboxing and review videos related to the product sold online there. 
For an example search over YouTube a keyword Samsung Galaxy tab 4 unboxing and review and see there you will find many videos...see the screenshot below

So with the help of that YouTube video I could convince the family member who requested me for a help in purchasing a product . Everyone with YouTube videos can observe the products installation process , different accessories, ports of products as well as their operating process etc...

So you can take help from YouTube videos in this way .. Hope my this blog post will be helpful to others….

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